Star Crossed Lovers

Star Crossed Lovers

Princess Nova of the planet Yorque is in a Dilemma. Even her superpowers, inherited from her time traveling father, cannot save her. Thanks to her thoughtless cousin, to honor their planet’s treaty, she must now wed the Emperor of Tron’s grandson. Otherwise, her planet will be at war.

Nova is resigned to her fate but determined not to go to her alien groom a virgin. With less than a week to the nuptials, she schemes with her maid Sienna, to fly to the Passion Planet of Xygar where she plans to have sex with a male of her choosing. To avoid recognition, Sienna and she switch identities. Her quest though, seems doomed from the start when Sienna is abducted and held for ransom.

To rescue her, Nova employs the services of Danikyle, the handsome Commander of a Tron Warship. It is imperative that she remains incognito, but dressed as she is as a maid creates more hurdles for her to overcome. With time running out and the marriage looming, it’s whilst aboard the warship giving chase that the idea germinates; she could use Danikyle to fulfill her purpose. But the overbearing Commander has very different ideas.

Last Edited June, 2016 by Layne Macadam

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