Desire Series

Desire Unleashed

When schoolteacher Kathy Bellamy moved from Louisiana to Coronado, she didn’t expect her secret dream or her worst nightmare to become a reality.

Kathy longs for the fairytale. An old-fashioned girl saving herself for the right guy, after one date with Navy SEAL Shane Jackson, she trashes her values and willingly tumbles into the sack without a thought for the consequences.

Confirmed bachelor and relationship cynic, Jackson has no room in his life for a permanent woman. Temporary liaisons are all he is up for. Cocky and self-assured, he believes he can pick a like minded player at a glance. So when he discovers Kathy is the complete antithesis of what he believed her to be, he is thrown into a tailspin.

But before long and way out of his comfort zone, he finds himself knee deep in a relationship he can’t quite seem to end.

Kathy’s love life is evolving parallel with a nightmare. The object of a maniac’s obsession, when she throws caution to the wind and acts out of character, her actions are seen as a betrayal by her stalker that demand retribution in blood. Abducted at knife-point and taken to a secret location, can Shane, who is the ultimate predator, find and rescue her before it’s too late.

 5 stars

An awesome five star review from CozyReader at the Romance Reviews, count them!!  * * * * *

 Desire Denied

Ex-SEAL Zach Buchanan can sum Beth Carmichael up in two words — trouble magnet. Ever since his sister, Loretta, befriended the girl, she’s been in and out of trouble, and Beth a constant thorn in his side. For six years and a multitude of reasons, he’s fought his feelings by avoiding Beth, but when she telephones out of the blue from Columbia with news Loretta has been abducted, he is forced to confront Beth again along with his demons. To rescue Loretta, they must put aside their history and start afresh, because the ransom terms are specific—Beth must make the delivery. Simple enough until things turn sour and they are forced on a journey through thick jungle and mountainous terrain. Thrown together, Zach’s eyes are opened and he learns some truths about himself; could he have misjudged Beth all these years?


Last Edited June, 2016 by Layne Macadam

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